Why do you believe that Witchcraft is wrong?

Why do you believe that Witchcraft is wrong?

I know many Wiccans, all beautiful, kind, and gentle people. I also know many Christians, all beautiful, kind, and gentle people.
Wiccans aren’t evil, they do nothing to harm you, so why is witchcraft considered evil?
Well, here is how I look at it…
It’s kind of like praying to the Lord and doing spells are of the same meaning for two differnet religions.
What are your views?

Sorry if I offended you. :-]

Answer by Karl P
Deuteronomy 18:9-12. That’s why!

Answer by veganuisance
Witchcraft is sweet, better than those darn christians!

Answer by Harry Pothead 2
If you aren’t hurting anyone, it isn’t wrong.

Answer by God Slayer
i thought the same thing when i was a Wicca, YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH!!! now a days i am a Laveyan Satanist. suits me best as a person in this world

Answer by Bandit
Because when people hear about that, all they think is Salem Witch Trials (which most people don’t know the truth about) and they see that as bad and assume we’ll use witchcraft like we’re in harry potter

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