What is the name of the witch in a new orleans cemetery?

What is the name of the witch in a new orleans cemetery?

she is a dead witch in a new orleans cemetery. everyone puts : xxx, on her grave. it is in the cemetery where all the graves are raised. her name is mari lavoe and i kno thats not how u spell it. how do u spell it. it will be greatly appreciated

Answer by Amber911Fire
Marie Laveau. She wasn’t a witch, she was a Voodoo Queen.

Answer by ReturnOfTheFly
All the cemeteries have above ground graves. Also, she isnt some dead witch, shes Marie Laveau the VooDoo Queen.

Answer by Darlene
Marie Lavue..

Answer by gwenleonhard
Marie Laveau and she is buried in St. Louis Cemetery on Basin Street in New Orleans. My family is buried very near her and our former mayor Dutch Morial is buried right smack next to her. And she was indeed a voodoo queen, not a witch. Since there’s a lot of Caribbean influence in New Orleans, many black people brought their voodoo with them from Africa and through the Caribbean islands (i.e. Haiti) and combined it with the Catholic faith that was sort of pushed on them.

Answer by nolajazzyguide
That would be Marie Laveau, but there was more than one. And she wasn’t a witch, she was the most famous and popular voodoo queen in the city. Voodoo is an ancient religion in which women are at the head of it. There was the mother and daughter, both known as Marie Laveau, plus, since she was so successful, she had a host of imitators and impersonators. I believe the mother, the original Marie, is buried in St. Louis #1, right outside the French Quarter on Basin Street, and the Marie 2 is said to be buried in St. Louis Cemetery #2 on N. Claiborne Ave.

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