What does a “Voodoo doll” mean when given as a gift?

What does a “Voodoo doll” mean when given as a gift?

Our boss recently returned from a trip to New Orleans, and she brought a few of the staff “souvenirs”, which look like real Voodoo dolls, with pins in them and everything. Is this just a cute oddity she gave out, or does she mean us harm? (She’s really a horrible person, not the kind of person who ever gives gifts…we are all wondering why she did this)

Answer by Fireball
somebody believes in that stuff ick…throw it out

Answer by Jamlord
The person who purchased it is very gullible.

Answer by MamaLuna
If she meant you harm she would have kept them for herself given them your names and began sticking pins in their crotches!

Answer by Alex Smith
it sounds like she cheaped out

Answer by PROBLEM
Could be a cute souvenir, or some bitter sarcasm on her part.

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