How to do black magic using blood,nails,and hair?

How to do black magic using blood,nails,and hair?

I love this woman..a lot and I do all she wants..I opened for her a saloon..but she loves her best friend…pls does any one know how to do black magic that really works perfect and fast…and is 100 percent guaranteed..using the blood,nails,hair and sperm…combination..and put it in food or drinks

Answer by Maddy Nelson
wtf. :(

Answer by ♥
There is no such thing as black magic…

Answer by rossthebossesbestfriend
are u on somthing?

Answer by Maddi
First there is no such thing as black magik. You have to be a devout Wiccan for most magic. And the Wiccan rede says: an it harm none, do as ye will. Plus the law of threefold return will send it back. Think long and hard before you do this… You wouldn’t want karma to throw it back at you.
There are spells to attract a lover but pagan law specifically dictates not to harm or manipulate anyone.

Answer by Secret Secret
-) Black Magic is the act of directing astral energy to perform some kind of dark act in the physical plane. This can be a curse or perhaps a way to harm someone – somehow.

Blood symbolizes a (eternal) bonding.
Nail(s) symbolize resolved issues.
Hair symbolizes an individual personality among many, something that quickly comes but also leaves.
Sperm symbolizes a beginning, a merge between two to form one, virility.

There’s nothing black about any of these subjects. You really have to deepen yourself in the art of magics, to perform any.

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