How to begin practicing witchcraft?

How to begin practicing witchcraft?

i would like to start practicing witchcraft, any tips or information would be great.
anything that you think i should know, feel free to email me(click my profile)
thank you

Answer by tonyzzz
apply for Hogwart University

Answer by Coven of the hawk
LONG before you are anywhere ready to start practicing witchcraft you need to do a LOT of reading on it first.

There are hundreds of books out there to start you on your way, and AFTER a full year of study then and ONLY then you can start to practice.

Answer by Pete
There is no such thing, don’t be stupid

Answer by Johnny
good luck it all i can give you

Answer by Numbahwun
Read up on books about wicca/witchcraft/paganism. Edain Mccoy is a good author.

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