Sorcery Meaning

Sorcery is a difficult subject; there were so many periods of time in the history when it was too dangerous to admit being a witch. Magic book were lost or destroyed; secrets were erased when generations tried to hide their practices. Let’s figure out sorcery meaning to understand more about this mysterious art.

What To Know About Sorcery?
Sorcery Meaning

If you look further back to the origins of sorcery, you will find a mix of elements from all over the world. If you are thinking of early Sorcery Witchcraft, Gerald Gardner initiated that particular brand of witchcraft in the 1950s.

When you look past the beginnings of sorcery, the periods of medieval sorcery stand up because of the growing troubles that witches had to face (anybody could be accused of being a witch). During the medieval period, the church endlessly spoke out against witchcraft, and the Satanic elements began to join the picture.

Horrible punishments for black magic were developed, adding more fear into the mix. In the 17th century, after the medieval era, the trials truly ramped up and touched their peak. This period died when the shameful Salem witch trials took place in the United States.

The Meaning Of Sorcery
  • Altar

It is a place where you do spell or rituals. It is often a table or shelf where you display your ritual tools. Your altar is not necessarily a permanent location; you can set it up anytime, and anywhere you want.

  • Ankh

This is an Egyptian mascot of a looped cross. You can see it in ancient Egyptian artwork held by the Priests. The sorcery meaning of Ankh is ‘everlasting life’. The ankh is held by the loop and employed as a key.

  • Chalice

A chalice (or cup, goblet) represents the element water. It is among the most common altar tools and is used to hold water or wine during the ritual. A stemmed glass is a typical chalice, but you can use any shape or material to serve the purpose.

  • Wicca

Wicca is a peaceful, polytheistic, and earth-centered religion that has no connection to Satanism. Many people confuse that Wicca and Witchcraft are the same, but it is not. In fact, Wicca is a religion while Witchcraft is simply the act of doing magic without any spiritual overtone.

  • Witch

A witch is someone who exercises witchcraft (either man or woman), regardless of their religious standing. Meanwhile, Wiccan is someone who follows the religion of Wicca. They may or may not be a witch.

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