Love Spell

It is a good idea to ask for white magic love spells when you are first carrying on witchcraft. The major difference between white magic love spells and any other kind is that you do not direct your spell at any one particular person. It is considered as a black magic love spell if you cast it with a specific person in mind. Here is a mystery love spell that was used by many people.

1. Moonlight Kiss Love Charm
Love Spell

When it comes to any kind of magic, never underestimate the power of the moon. You will only need three things for this white magic love spell:

  • Small silver bowl
  • Piece of rose quartz
  • Handful of red rose petals

You have to perform this ritual on the night of the new moon (there will be an invisible moon that night). Kiss the crystal and put it in the bowl. Bestrew the rose petals over it and then put it near a window for seven days. After one week, take the crystal and bring it along your side to draw romance into your life. Finally, leave the bowl of petals near the window until the next new moon.

2. Magnetic Lodestone Love Pouch

What can symbolize allurement better than magnetic lodestones? Try to look for real natural lodestones, but if you cannot, small hand-made magnets are still fine. Pick up your materials, and make some magic:

  • One small red bag
  • Two lodestones
  • Love drawing oil

For the love drawing oil, you can use a purchased blend designed one or make your own oil. A mixture of rose, vanilla, cardamom, ylang-ylang, and ginger oils will create a potent love blend.

Pour a few drops of oil into your palms and then rub your hands with the lodestones to anoint them with the love oil. Rub the stones until your hands feel warm. Use these stones to draw love and romance into your life.

Place both lodestones into a red bag and rub the bag in your hands to get some oil. Put the bag on your bedside table or hang on to your bedpost to start attracting your true love.

3. Star of Love

Watch the weather forecast to wait for a clear night. You need to see the stars to perform this white magic love spell. Besides the night sky, you also need these materials:

  • Red candle
  • Jasmine incense
  • Several red crystals, such as garnet, carnelian or rose quartz

Put everything near a window where you can observe the sky. Light the candle and incense; find the brightest star in the sky. Read the love spell three times. Finally, put the stones on your altar. Wait for the magic coming to you.

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