Sorcery is the art, spells, or practices of an individual who use supernatural power through the aid of witchery, evil spirits, or black magic. Sorcery spell is a good way to start learning witchcraft. Once you understand the fundamentals of sorcery, you can create your own spells to serve your purpose. Let’s start with two of the simplest sorcery spells to ease your mind and find something you have lost for a long time.

1. Get Rid Of Stress Spell

If you have a lot of burdens in your life, a little sorcery spell might help eliminate all that stress. You will need these items to carry out this spell:

  • One red candle
  • One white candle
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Piece of red jasper
  • Piece of pure quartz

Anoint the red candle with the cinnamon oil. Burn it, and think of all the issues that recently stress you out. Keep the red jasper in your hand, and pour all the stressful things from your mind into the stone.

Move the red candle farther away from you; put the stone at the base. After that, rub the white candle with lavender oil. Burn the candle. Now focus on peaceful thoughts and think of being relaxed and stress-free. Let both candles burn down naturally. Finally, take the piece of pure quartz every day to remind you to leave the stress behind.

2. Meet A Friend Spell

Have you lost connection with old friends? Can’t you find them on Facebook or Twitter? Why don’t you try a little sorcery spell to get in touch with them again? You need the following supplies to fulfill this spell:

  • A white candle
  • Photograph of your friend
  • Incense and Sandalwood oil
  • Small handful of raw sea salt
  • A bowl or cup of water

Light the incense and smear the candle with the sandalwood oil. Burn the candle to begin casting your spell. Hold the photo in your hand and think about some of the memories of your friend. In case you do not have a picture, you can write their full name on a piece of paper.

Slowly pour the salt into the cup of water; repeat “Contact me” while the salt is dropping. Place the cup of salted water next to the lit candle. Before the water evaporates from the bowl, your friend will make contact with you. Don’t you believe it? Let’s try!

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